8 July



“The European Province”

What does “counter-geographical” design history look like? Building on ICDHS’ tradition of challenging the design historical map, we invite participants to discuss this theme starting from the following questions: 1) What are the challenges and opportunities of writing the design histories of the margins of Europe (and elsewhere), as opposed to the well-convered centre? 2) Is Europe now becoming a province in the new world order, when East Asia has taken over Britain’s role as “the workshop of the world”? How will that impact future histories of design? 3) Are there other, past periods and settings where Europe has been less central to the course of events than what has been portrayed in the writing of history? We expect to receive the answers in format of short papers based on those issues.


Paper up to 1.500 words (see model file). Presentation – 10 minutes for each participant. Limit 12 participants with presentations (2 hours for presentations and 1 hour to debate).


Professors, researchers, master and Ph.D students and designers. If you don’t have a presentation, but you are interested to assist the event it is possible to undertake  your conference registration at the workshop and participate on the discussion.



“The European Province, part II: National approaches and wider issues relating to the global provinces” 

In this roundtable, representatives from all the national design history societies will present their activities, points of view and continuing the discussion on geographies of design history which ICDHS has cultivated, this time on the role of national/regional/global frameworks.


Dedicated to design history societies members. The attendance to this roundtable should be extended to professors, researchers, museum curators, master and Ph.D students and designers. If you are interested to assist the event it is possible to do your registration at the roundtable.



Anna Calvera
University of Barcelona, Spain

Professor on Design History, Aesthetics and Design Philosophy at the University of Barcelona (Spain), she teaches at the undergraduate, master and PhD programmes of the Design and Visual Arts Department. She currently researches the History of Design in Barcelona in the industrial era, approaching it as a very local question but fully related to  internationally shared design discourse and research. She is also concerned with philosophical aesthetics employed to understand design practices and its social role. Member of GRACMON, a research unit placed in her university and the Fundació Història del Disseny (Barcelona). 

Helena Barbosa
Department of Communication and Art, University of Aveiro, Portugal

Teaches disciplines in Design – Undergraduate, Master and Ph.D at University of Aveiro (UA). Her areas of interest are Portuguese Design History, Portuguese material culture, mainly posters and virtual museums. She is responsible for the contents of a virtual on-line poster museum (30.000 posters) a project being developed UA. She is vice-president of ID+ Research Institute for Design, Media, and Culture, member of the editorial board of “The Poster” journal published by Intellect, and member of the Scientific Committee of the journal “Eme: experimental illustration design”, published by Editorial Universitat de València. 

Kjetil Fallan
University of Oslo, Norway

Associate Professor of Design History at the University of Oslo, Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas. He is the author of Design History: Understanding Theory and Method (Berg, 2010), editor of Scandinavian Design: Alternative Histories (Berg, 2012), and co-editor (with Grace Lees-Maffei) of Made in Italy: Rethinking a Century of Italian Design (Bloomsbury Academic, 2013), and has written numerous book chapters, e.g. in Writing Design: Words and Objects (Berg, 2011) and Assigning Cultural Value (Peter Lang, 2013), and journal articles, e.g. in the Journal of Design HistoryDesign IssuesDesign and CultureHistory and Technology, Architectural Theory ReviewModern Italy, and Enterprise and Society. Dr Fallan is an editor of the Journal of Design History.


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